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Bob Oré Blue Collection Launches More Social Media Accounts

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by bob ore

Bob Oré Blue Collection has launched a new set of social media handles to give customers a wider experience with Bob Ore’s bag collection. The new social media handles will provide video and reel contents of different Bob Oré bags with style guides, as well as the latest news and developments from the brand.

On the new social media channels, you will find some test contents of Bob Oré Blue Collection promotional clips. You will find a fun video of the unboxing of a Bob Oré Blue Collection bag and there’s also a video of the manufacturing process of Bob Oré Blue Collection bag. The videos are short and they are accompanied by nice music that makes them easy to understand and fun to watch.

The channels which were launched in June are targeted at bringing the brand closer to the customers, the channels also offer a closer look into the bags that can’t be achieved through pictures. Essentially, the new channels will complement the existing social media handles and provide a better user experience.

You can check out the new channels on:

YouTube — Bob Ore blue collection

Pinterest — @boborebluecollection

Tiktok — @boborebluecollection

You can comment on the channels and let Bob Oré Blue Collection know what videos you would love to see, you should also add, follow, and subscribe to the channels to stay on top of all the latest development from the top bag brand.

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